Bye-bye 2020 !

Updated: Dec 27, 2020


2020 is coming to an end and we are looking back to a year full of challenges but also embraced new opportunities. It’s time to say THANK YOU for all the support during this pandemic year and say bye-bye to 2020.

Since I have started to work for the Contact Tracing Luzern Team in November, I realized that our body is a real gift and a wonder. I am thankful for my health and for all lessons I learned this year.

Medical and health care in Switzerland

The healthcare system in Switzerland has a global reputation for being outstanding. In September when I had a lumbago I went to the Bürgenstock Waldhotel to get my therapy I got prescribed by my doctor.

They have a big indoor pool and I had massage and acqua (water) therapy there. I had a wonderful physiotherapist and she showed me some acqua exercises I later could do also outside of the pool. After two month the desired result of well-being were reached and my happiness was back! Life can be so beautiful. Thankful to be able to walk and sit again without pain learned me to do some daily “easy” exercises.

Pictures Copyright @ Pearls of Switzerland Cristina Tschuppert 2020

Switzerland: Canton Lucerne starts with Corona vaccinations

On Saturday, December 19, the Therapeutic Products Agency Swissmedic approved the first Covid-19 vaccine for the Swiss market with Pfizer/BioNTech. According to the vaccination strategy of the federal government, the vaccination is initially only available to residents and staff of long-term institutions, namely retirement and nursing homes, with site-specific adjacent assisted living. These vaccinations will be administered by mobile teams. As more vaccine doses become available, vaccination will be made available to additional populations. The vaccination is free of charge for the population.

The primary objective of vaccination against COVID-19 is to protect people who are at especially high risk and thereby reduce serious illnesses and deaths.

The second objective is to reduce the burden on hospitals and care homes and ensure that the health system continues to function properly.

The third, and last, objective is to reduce the negative consequences of the pandemic and stem the spread of the virus.

Responsibility for rolling out the vaccination rests with the cantons. The Swiss Vaccination Strategy, the vaccination objectives and the prioritisation of the target groups are all based on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO). They do not differ significantly from the vaccination strategies of other countries, for example France, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The official site of the Swiss Confederation "Protect yourself and others"

Mandatory quarantine for persons arriving in Switzerland: List of the states and areas with an increased risk of infection, Infoline for people travelling to Switzerland: +41 58 464 44 88, from 6am to 11pm.

Personal responsibility remains important: Washing your hands regularly with soap and water and keeping your distance are still the best ways of preventing infection.

Saudi-Arabia: Explore the Arabian winter

Picture copyright @someone in my Saudi WhatsApp group, sunset Abha

Abha is the capital city of Asir Province near the Red Sea in southwest of Saudi Arabia.

It’s known for the craggy mountains of Asir National Park, which is home to birds, dense juniper forests and the towering Jabal Soodah peak. Known for its cool, mild climate, fog and immense mountains, Abha City is the bride of the south and the administrative center of the Asir Province. Abha is rich with natural scenery and mild climate in summer. It includes a large number of monuments and palaces, such as Shada Palace and the Rejal Alma, as well as old traditional markets like Tuesday Market, where you can buy precious antiques and souvenirs. There are also many modern commercial centers scattered in the city.

Discover now - vitist the official Saudi Tourism Authority site

This and That

Facts on the Arabic Language

  • More than 290 million people speak Arabic daily

  • Arabic is the 6th official language of the UN

  • Arabic has a rich history of 1500 years of literature

  • Thousands of Arabic books are published each year

  • Wikipedia features 52 million Arabic pages

  • World Arabic Language day coincides with the day it became an official UN language in 1973

  • Classical and dialectal Arabic comes in various forms from oral expression to poetic calligraphy.

  • As a Semitic language, Arabic constructs words from basic roots

  • There are at least 11 words for “love” and hundreds of words for “camel”

A defining year for Arts & Culture in Saudi Arabia

And last but not least: Mr. Toni Riethmayer and his wife on December, 25th 2020 have welcomed Timon, a baby boy. Congratulations!!!

We from Pearls of Switzerland wish you only the best, health and happiness, love and peace and always remember: "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. " Cheers to 2021!