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We offer sightseeing tours, excursions to mountains and lakes and take care of our clients from A - Z in Switzerland and Europe.

Pearls of Switzerland is one of the first to offer Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination.

On your private tour you will explore Riyadh and Jeddah, visit museums and a one million square kilometre ranch where you will enjoy Arabian horses and camels including a traditional Saudi dinner under the stars.

Experience Arab hospitality and exciting excursions as well as relaxing moments. Inquiries for 2021 are welcome.


Cristina Tschuppert is the founder and CEO of Pearls of Switzerland tour, trips & more. Together with Toni Riethmaier, the company is offering tours, trips & more in Switzerland, Europe and Saudi Arabia.

Cristina Tschuppert was born and grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland. In 2014 Cristina got her certificate as a professional licenced tour guide of Lucerne Tourism. She speaks Swiss German, German, Italian, English and French.
She is an honored member of the worldwide association of  female professionals and has demonstrated excellence, maintained perservance, and ascended the summit of professional accomplishment. In 2017 she visited Saudi Arabia and took part in travel business related meetings, seminars and events. In April 2018 she presented Pearls of Switzerland to the travel industry and business partners at the ATM in Dubai. Cristina visited Riyadh in March 2019 and September 2019 again to explore opportunities and possibilities for stop-over tourism of European travellers on their journey to the Middle or Far East.


Toni Riethmaier, born in Germany, is a passionate Hotel and Restaurant professional. After working in locations such as Singapore, Dubai U.A.E., Meeru Maldives and Shenzhen China, Toni moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in late 2006. He developed and managed a large restaurant and catering company in Jeddah. During his tenure in Jeddah the company received several awards for its outstanding services from national and international institutions. Toni became quickly part of the Jeddah social community and soon was able to call Jeddah his home. His insight and deep knowledge about the people and culture of Saudi Arabia make him the expert in all aspects that relate to travel, touring and holidays for Saudis that wish to go on a Europe Trip. Toni will do his utmost to ensure that the places, locations, hotels, restaurants and everything else organized by Pearls of Switzerland is suitable for the fastidious Saudi traveler.


Pearls of Switzerland is your one stop partner for hotels, travel agents, tour operators and ground transportation providers in Switzerland and the rest of Europe.


We seek loyal partners, locally and internationally with whom we can achieve our goals and create mutual benefits and success.

We provide well sourced travel destinations in Saudi Arabia and, are interested in getting new partners in inbound and, who do also outbound to Switzerland and Europe and preparing each other for future inbound tourism to Saudi Arabia of European travellers.


Our Muslim-friendly offer includes services like:

  • VISA

  • Airlines recommendations with halal in-flight meals for a pleasant flight experience

  • Muslim friendly hotels

  • Halal meal options

Our vision is to be the first contact partner for those looking for high quality, personalized services. We are the right partner for you, if you are looking for a unique travel experience.


Excursions, city tours, scenic day trips, sightseeing, shopping and so much more. You can book Cristina also on Viator. Viator only promotes tour guides with a professional license or tour guiding certificate, helping you discover once-in-a-lifetime experiences and make unforgettable memories.


Our tailor-made services are designed for individuals, families and groups. Here is what we do offer:


  • Hotel reservations

  • tailor-made tours 

  • personal tour guide

  • sightseeing

  • land & water

  • airport transfers

  • limousine services

  • boat excursions

  • group travels

  • honeymoon

  • hotel & housing

  • medical & health

  • wellness & beauty

  • and anything beyond...



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