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Pearls of Switzerland Marketing Options

for Luxury Hotels, Restaurants or other entities relating to the Travel Industry worldwide

Newsletter | Inspection | Social Media | Event



Option 1

  • CHF 500.- per year for the Marketing Newsletter Option


A maximum of 3 different luxury hotels or restaurants are presented in a newsletter. Each Luxury Hotel or Restaurant is featured 4 times a year. This is important as the venue then will be remembered better by the recipient. Once is not enough. In addition to the featured hotels we also give some information about the city or country, what to do (shopping, leisure, excursions) and how they can reach there. This is a plus point for the reader and not only just a promotion.

Please note: Text (max. 500 words) and pictures will be provided by from the hotel or restaurant and we will create the newsletter and send it out to our subscribers. Included is a link to your own website.


Option 2

  • CHF 2’500.- for 2 days Hotel and Restaurant inspection


If you like to be featured in one of the upcoming newsletters, we need to come personally to the venue and do an inspection. We test the service and also the food (max. 2 days/1night/2 rooms one for Toni Riethmaier and one for Cristina Tschuppert). Why we travel only as a team: Read here about us. Only this way we can offer to our clients what they are asking for and we know what they can expect.

We will write our honest opinion and do also Social Media promotion for you on Instagram (we do have more than 2.5k organic followers), you will get an extra page on our website as our preferred hotel or restaurant and your logo will be published all year long on our frontpage website (new in 2020). Included in this option are transfers (arrival and departure by train, car or airplane), 2 days of inspection and testing, a report of min. 3 pages incl. pictures and links. Your logo will be published in our monthly newsletter for one year and is linked to your booking site.


Option 3

  • CHF 1’000.- for special event promotion


If you have a special promotion or event that you would like to promote. We can send out a

single exclusive newsletter to our database. The information with text and pictures will be provided by and additional information that we can introduce your promotion or event as Pearls of Switzerland approved and verified.




Working with us this way gives you more visibility and this is a great opportunity to reach out to new potential customers. You will have someone from outside the team who is professional and honest. Safes you also money as you don’t have to pay a salary for a marketing employee.

With us you pay one time and that’s it! The collaboration is limited for one year and can be renewed every year. Get in touch now!


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