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We know it all: a wedding can be expensive. It should be the starting of a wonderful relationship, growing love and family. With this in mind you want to celebrate and be heavenly happy.

When it comes to Saudi Weddings, there is something unique about them. I found out that men and women do not celebrate together.

The ardent traditional values and the lifetime commemoration on a large scale define the uniqueness of Muslim Weddings.

For a Muslim wedding, two wedding invitations are made. This is because every Muslim Marriage has two separate occasions namely, the Nikaah (marriage ceremony) and the Walima (marriage banquet). Nikaah is the main event when agreeing to marry each other and signing a contract with two witnesses in the presence of Quazi (Islamic priest).

Annual spending on marriages in the kingdom exceeds two billion riyals, the highest in the Arab world, organisers of the Saudi international wedding fair said in 2018. Expensive weddings, not everyone can afford, this is why young men delay marriage up to the age of 40, are a waste of money. Better to travel with that money and hosting a small but fine wedding instead of an extravagant one and wasting colossal amounts of food. We know that culturally it reflects generosity and class. But if it ends up in the trash can, you could have travelled with that money and create together lifetime memories.

Pearls of Switzerland tours, trips and more offers tailor-made itineraries for honeymooners. We help to organize your first travel, so you can focus on spending time together, share happy moments of joy and love.

Here in Central Switzerland we do have lots of wedding receptions. Make your way from Geneva or Zurich over to Lucerne and why not enjoy an unforgettable week with breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne and surrounded snow-capped mountains. In Switzerland, you’ll surely gain adventures with your partner that will last a lifetime. Come and discover the beautiful Lake Lucerne region and book your Europe honeymoon travel with us. Fill out the online form and we will get in touch with you and together we will start to plan your honeymoon destination in Switzerland and if you wish also in Europe. Based on your budget, we will start to plan together with you and offer you a great honeymoon package – let us surprise you including Halal Restaurants and sightseeing tours with shopping opportunities

Helpful links we like to share: allows brides in the Middle East to sell their pre-loved gowns. There you can find maybe a real princess dress!

Bridal Fashion Week Fairs


In the West, it is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friends, and wedding rings often have diamond (الماس/الألماس) stones. In the Arab world, women particularly love gold (الذهب), and they often own large amounts of it (depending on their men’s, of course). It is regarded as family investment, and mothers like to pass some jewellery to their daughters. The wedding ring in the Arab world are usually a simple band (دبلة), but it is often accompanied by other items, or even a diamond ring – if the groom can afford it! In Islam, men are not encourages to wear gold, therefore their wedding bands are often made of silver.


Doris Hangartner and I are a member of the Swiss Arab Network.

About other cultures in the past

Mesopotamia was the first society where jewelery was an indelible part of the culture. Although the place adored precious stones, the area was not known to be a gemstone hotspot. When people get their hands on precious gems, their value would be so high, even the owner would often ask to be buried with them.

Ancient Egyptian land was rich in gemstones and often signified nobility and power. Egyptians were known to wear lavish bracelets adorned with numerous stones like amethyst, carnelian and green feldspar. Pharaohs and priests exclusively wore yellow stones and represented the sun god Ra. Meanwhile, green stones were placed in the mouths of mummified pharaohs to give them ability of speech in the next world.

Greeks were known to use their influence to import gemstones from Asia, Africa and the subcontinent. The people deemed amethysts as something that gives its wearer benefits, including the ability to control alcohol. Greeks also revered sapphires, meaning blue, which symbolises wisdom and purity.

Unlike the other ancient societies, Romans saw gemstones more as a functional tool than a mystical source of power. They used them as wax seals and as currency to buy power from other countries. Unlike today where we use them primarily to create diamond rings as a sign of betrothal.

Pearls were seen as the key to a happy marriage and were often gifted to newlyweds to prevent fights and tears.

We from Pearls of Switzerland tours, trips and more highly recommend to visit Switzerland. With countless lakes and mountains, green hills, great shopping opportunities and pleasant temperatures it is the perfect country in the heart of Europe. We are surrounded by 5 countries. Fly in to Geneva or Zurich.

On our honeymoon site you can write us a message. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and based on your budget we will send out our offer which is tailored to your exact requirements.

Also, if you like to go to Paris, in only 3.5h you reach Gare de Lyon from Basel by TGV train.

Unforgettable days for two in Switzerland…

Switzerland is not only a favourite honeymoon destination but also a popular place to get married.

If you need any support in organising a wedding party feel free to contact us via our online request form.

Here are some heavenly feel good packages for you:

THE CHEDI ***** CHF 1’390.00

Andermatt, Switzerland

Package inclusions for 2:

· Deluxe Room 52 – 55 sqm

· Dinner (3-course)

· Alpine Mountain Massage (60 min.)

· The Chedi Grand Breakfast Buffet

· Free entry to the Spa & Health Club


Interlaken, Switzerland

Package inclusions for 2:

· Bel Air Junior Suite 65 sqm with garden view

· A CHF 100.- voucher for room service or Gourmet Restaurant “La Terrasse” or Italian Restaurant “Sapori”

· Aroma therapy massage (50 min.)

· NESCENS Hotel-Spa incl. Fitness course

· Fruits & Water

· Rich Breakfast Buffet

THE DOLDER GRAND ***** CHF 1’200.00

Zurich, Switzerland

Package inclusions for 2:

· Double Room Superior 34 – 46 sqm

· Breakfast Buffet

· Fruit cocktail and chocolate strawberries

· Dinner (3 course) Restaurant “Saltz”

· Parking

· The Dolder Grand Spa (4'000m2)


Flims, Switzerland

Package inclusions for 2:

· Deluxe Junior Suite 43 – 49 sqm

· Rich Breakfast Buffet

· Candlelight Dinner (5 course) Restaurant “Epoca”

· Private Spa Suite (2h)

· Free entry to the Spa (3'000m2) & Health Club

· Romantic room decoration

If you would like to book a package, let us know. We will check availability and do the reservation for you.

Last but not least: As a woman you always want to look good when you travel. Especially on an airplane where the skin can dry out. When I travel, I always carry with me The Eye & Lip Perfection à Porter from La Prairie. The rich formula features line smoothers and skin brighteners for eyes and a concentrated lip balm to plump and replenish lips. It is also a nice present from Switzerland to bring back home for mothers and sisters as it is a luxury beauty product and Made in Switzerland.






Happy Honeymooning!

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